النسخة العربية من هنا

Journalism is considered one of the professions that always put its practitioners on the front lines. Starting from covering violent protests to armed conflicts and total wars between armies that do not hesitate to use the deadliest weapons against each other.

In all of that, the journalist finds himself/ herself familiar with the conflict parties, the areas of danger, and sometimes field journalists are trained on survival skills in even a flaming atmosphere. These skills ensure that the journalist can safely return from his field trips to write inspirational creative stories.

But the challenge this time is different. We are talking about a danger that surrounds everyone, everywhere. Every second may give the journalist a chance to be infected.

While voices are growing up to demand citizens to stay at homes and stop the economic activity in many sectors, journalists are still required to fulfill their responsibility to convey the truth to citizens, and to contribute in raising the societal awareness of this new threat that has swept the globe in a few months.

Therefore, this publication comes as an attempt by “The Egyptian Observatory for Journalism and Media” to support the journalists’ personal safety, especially whose working in field, in the face of spreading CoronaVirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). It contains a set of general guidelines based on the advices provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) for prevention in general, as well as a set of instructions and tips that benefit the journalists’ category in particular.