The Egyptian Observatory for Journalism and Media (EOJM) condemns in the strongest terms the criminal bombing yesterday carried out by Israeli army on the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital affiliated with the Anglican Church in Gaza. This brutal attack left hundreds dead, most of them children. EOJM stresses that this bombing is a war crime, and all countries of the world must acknowledge this.

EOJM also expresses its denunciation of most Western media coverage, which deliberately ignores the violations, massacres, and collective punishments that civilians are subjected to in Gaza.

In the same context, EOJM condemns the deliberate and systematic killings of journalists, as the number of journalists killed as a result of Israeli bombing operations reached 14 and more than 20 wounded, according to the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate.  This was while they were reporting Israeli crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people in Gaza, which is also a deliberate violation of international law that protects journalists as civilians performing their duties in armed conflicts, where they must be protected from all forms of violations.

We remind the whole world and all media organizations that international humanitarian law protects civilians, medical teams, and relief workers, and recognizes their right to protection from armed conflicts and their right to obtain the assistance they need.  Therefore, all possible precautions must be taken to avoid harming them or their lives. The international law also stipulates not to attack medical personnel, medical vehicles, or hospitals designated for humanitarian work, prohibits the targeting of schools, places of worship and media institutions, and prohibits the use of internationally prohibited weapons.

EOJM stresses that Israel violated international law by targeting hospitals, schools, and defenseless citizens’ homes, and targeted press crews who report the truth about what is happening on the ground.  EOJM also urges media organizations to use clear terminology that refers to Israel’s crimes as war crimes under international law, and not to use broad terminology that could be used in an inappropriate context, and journalists must be professional and transparent in reporting the events taking place on the ground.

EOJM stresses its support for the Palestinian people’s right to protection from persecution and armed conflict, to obtain medical aid and relief, and to guarantee their right to life, which comes first in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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